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This last decade, Survival and Risk Prevention have become more and more important in our Society. Natural disasters, public health risks, electronic disruptions or economic crisis: All these situations have led us to feel the need to anticipate and to prepare ourselves.

The rising popularity of TV Shows like The Island, Man vs Wild or Koh-Lanta, oscillating between Survival, Adventure and surpassing oneself, confirms this social phenomenon.

This trend captivates because it encourages the general public to come up with questions about their ability to survive in different situations. Between awareness and challenges, the Survival way of life, which was previously dedicated to a community, now concerns all the population!

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France, by the beauty and the diversity of its landscapes, offers the opportunity to discover all kinds of activities.


Whether you’re a hiker, a backpacker, a camper or a trekker, we have selected a wide range of products and services related to outdoor activities.

Novice or confirmed adventurer: This section has been created for you!

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food autonomy

In a world where the food products we are offered sometimes come from far away, come from intensive farming that is harmful to the environment, or are simply processed and bad for our health, more and more of us are dreaming of fresh and local food, of greater autonomy, of better health, while contributing to a better world.


There are many emerging concepts today such as permaculture, aquaponics, urban farms, adjacent greenhouses that allow those who implement them to gain autonomy and become less dependent on businesses and supply chains. 


Beyond autonomy, producing your own food is also about eating better, and acquiring the know-how that is so important today. 


Whether you live in the city or in the country, in a house or an apartment, discover a multitude of solutions that will allow you to produce your food yourself. 

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tactical and defense

Survivalism is a way of life based on resilience. We want to introduce products that allow for preparation for any type of disaster that results in an interruption of societal continuity. Military education thus becomes an example for survivalism.


Beyond risk and self-reliance, it is a movement that involves knowledge of hostile environments, the first knowledge of miltiiares. At Survival Expo, you can discover the latest tactics, equipment and materials. But also, many training courses for adults and even the youngest.

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water management

Water autonomy in the home allows us to be resilient in the face of breakdowns, to consume very high quality water and to give it back to nature in a purified form. It is a way to regenerate the cycle of this precious resource, as well as our environment.


It is indeed possible to contribute to its regeneration through an efficient management of its water consumption through the habitat, in addition to offering itself a complete or partial autonomy, and therefore a high degree of resilience.


The objective is to integrate again, as a species and as an individual, into the natural water cycle in a harmonious way. Whether it is for the capture of water, its filtration for its consumption or its use, or for the distribution of drinking water, gray and black, many solutions will be proposed to you.

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To be free from the electrical network, you must be able to produce your own electricity. This often requires the installation of a renewable energy system such as wind, photovoltaic or even hydraulic. Depending on the region and the resources available, one can choose one of these technologies or combine them.


Wind turbines will be preferred in windy areas, solar in sunny regions and hydraulic when a water source is present near the house.


 The combination of several renewable sources of electricity production is interesting because they are intermittent energies that do not all work at the same time, especially for wind and solar.


By going to the Vivre Autonome show, you will have the opportunity to meet real professionals who will be happy to present you their systems, and to advise you in your project.

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hunting and fishing

Learning how to find food in survival is essential. Whether you are in a marine or forest environment, food is everywhere, you just have to know how to find it. Fish and meat are nutritional sources of vitamins and nutrients.


Survival Expo will host hunting and fishing professionals, who will provide you with knowledge and quality equipment useful during your adventure.

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health and safety

It is important to know how to react swiftly and to have the necessary equipment to face any risky situation.


Through demonstrations about first aid training, and by discovering our products selection, our visitors will be more familiar with this section that constitutes the basis of Risk Prevention.

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