Autonomy & Outdoor

9TH > 11TH JUNE 2023
Parc Floral of Paris

Autonomy & Outdoor

From 09th to 11th June, 2023

Parc Floral of Paris
Bois de Vincennes

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Some figures ...

Coming to Survival Expo is an opportunity to discover more than 220 brands from around the world. 

No matter what you are interested in, you will discover the best of the best. In addition to presenting their latest products, our exhibitors will be happy to meet you and advise you, sharing their passion and experience with you.


Because Survivalism also lies in the transmission of knowledge, we offer more than forty conferences and dozens of exciting animations! 


For the professionals who would like to exhibit, Survival Expo is nearly 20,000 visitors over 3 days, and a community of over 95,000 fans on our networks! So don't wait any longer and try the experience! 

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Discover ou speakers >>

As for our exhibitors, we strive to select the best speakers to deal with the themes specific to the show, but also with current affairs and related topics.

Journalists, writers, researchers, adventurers, economists, military or engineers, each one will make you benefit from his expertise during these 3 days of conferences!

Animations & Trainings

Participating in Survival Expo also means taking part in a multitude of activities and training sessions given by real experts and enthusiasts!

Axe throwing, climbing wall, first aid training, introduction to map work and much more!

Two exhibitions in symbiosis, Survival Expo and Autonomy Expo !

Autonomy Expo, the eco-citizen exhibition will take place from June 9th to 11th, 2023 at the Parc Floral of Paris in France. It will be held  together with the Survival Expo. You will be able to discover all the equipment you need to become more autonomous on a daily basis. Living Independently will also be an opportunity for you to discover exciting conferences and trainings that will provide you with essential knowledge to start or continue your self-sufficiency journey.


While Survival Expo focuses more on outdoor activities, risk prevention, and nomadic self-sufficiency, Vivre Autonome specializes 100% on home self-sufficiency. The solutions offered at this new show will be complementary to those of Survival Expo, in addition to being solely sedentary: solar and thermal panels, pellet stoves, greenhouses, wind turbines, water storage and purification, etc.


Why the eco-citizen fair? Because today it has become essential to take into account the situation in which we evolve. The citizen of tomorrow is necessarily a citizen who includes the respect of the environment and ecology in his daily life. Self-sufficiency is also a source of well-being: a tomato that you grow yourself will always be better than a tomato bought in a supermarket, right?

Far from a moral, Vivre Autonome is an exceptional opportunity to be convinced or to confirm one's desire for autonomy.


CALL US :            09 83 90 16 15
WEBSITE : https://salon-vivre-autonome.fr/
ADRESS : 26 Route du Champ de Manoeuvre
75012 - Paris