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Prepare and organize
my adventure bag

Filling your backpack to go on an adventure can sometimes be a headache: too much or too little equipment and above all a heap of objects. However, there is a logic to avoid forgetting anything, to optimize the storage and the access to essential items.

I learn how to filter and
make water safe to drink

During this 30 min workshop you will understand the need to treat water found in its natural state. Purification methods, presentation, a practical workshop will allow you to improvise your own filter and test different options.

Come and try your hand at
animal tracking

Fingerprints, hairs, droppings, footprints... our neighbors leave us clues. Slip into the shoes of a forest investigator and learn to decipher them during this 30-minute workshop.

I learn how to make
my survival kit

Learn how to make your own survival kit with our hands-on training. Equip yourself with the essentials to deal with any emergency situation in the wilderness.

How to choose
my bivouac equipment

Find the perfect bivouac gear for your next outdoor expedition. Our training will teach you how to choose the right gear for your needs for optimal comfort.

Managing your photo equipment
in nature and in adventure

Capture breathtaking images on your outdoor adventures by learning how to manage your camera equipment. Our training teaches you the best practices for protecting and effectively using your equipment in the most demanding environments.

The basic knowledge of

Topographic maps are an essential tool for navigation. They are detailed representations of the terrain. They provide important information about elevations, landforms, waterways, roads and trails, among other things.

Life-saving gestures in
first aid

Alerting, massaging, defibrillating, treating haemorrhages are essential emergency gestures that can be practiced during everyday accidents or situations of exceptional gravity. These actions can save lives.

Activity :

In an emergency situation, or in everyday life, team spirit is essential. During one hour, adults and children will be able to meet and participate in a boot camp with challenges and fun games on the theme of cohesion.

Shelter in all conditions :
the bivouac

When you go on excursions, comfort is essential. It is essential to have the necessary knowledge to set up your bivouac in the best conditions, while ensuring optimal safety.

Basic knowledge
of survival

Learning how to start a fire, how to purify water, knowing the life-saving gestures: all these elements can be decisive when you find yourself in a dangerous situation. Discover the basic knowledge that will allow you to react with more serenity.

Learn how to do

Come learn an essential survival skill: suturing. Our physicians will guide you in learning this vital technique for managing wounds and cuts in crisis situations. Join us and develop your emergency medical care skills.

Come and try your hand at

Many indigenous peoples have used this technique as their primary method of hunting for thousands of years and it has survived to its use in sport and hunting. Come and learn about this art of hunting!

Try your hand at
crossbow shooting

Discover your accuracy and survival instinct during our Crossbow Shooting animation. Test your skills with this ancient art of hunting and protection. Aim accurately and control the tension to hit your targets. Ready for the challenge?

Test your ability to
stone throwing

Come and test your skill and accuracy in Stone Throwing. Hone your survival instincts by throwing stones at targets with a slingshot. Master the distance and impact to meet this ancient challenge. Ready to show your skills?

Discover the formations and animations of the
Salon Vivre Autonome

Same place, same dates! Come and take part in the various activities of the Vivre Autonome, the sustainable home show.

Envolez-vous à la découverte de
nos partenaires du salon

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