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Au Vieux Campeur is partner of the event since the first edition in 2018.

Au Vieux Campeur is a French chain of sports and leisure stores based in Paris, founded by Roger de Rorthays in 1941. It is one of the pioneers in this activity in France. Au Vieux Camper offers facilities for the practice of outdoor activities: hiking, camping, walking, diving ...

Become the owner of an autonomous cottage in an Eco-Village!

Located 1 hour from Paris, the Eco-village of the pond is the first autonomous village in France. In the heart of Seine-et-Marne, we offer you the opportunity to become the owner of a 200 to 400m2 plot equipped with an autonomous mobile home in a park offering innovative services: communal vegetable garden, solar production, abundant water, fishing rights, orchard, wastewater treatment, a janitor in charge of communal resources, and many others that we will let you discover. The proposed plots of land are all planted with trees, serviced, have electricity, water supply and drainage.


MORAKNIV is partner of the event since the first edition in 2018.

We’ve been part of the Swedish handicraft tradition since 1891. For more than 126 years we’ve manufactured knives for all kinds of people. A Morakniv knife is always made in Mora, and each knife that leaves our factory holds the traditions and knowledge that we’ve gained over the years. Each knife is made to the highest quality so you can rest assured that your Morakniv knife is always there for you. In our booth you can meet Morakniv ambassador Dave Canterbury from the USA. Dave has more than 20 years of experience of bushcraft and survival skills. He’s the founder of the popular Pathfinder School where he holds courses teaching basic skills that are invaluable if you suddenly find yourself alone in nature. His books have been on the New York Times best-seller lists and he’s had his own TV series on the Discovery Channel. There’s no doubt that Dave knows how to survive in the wilderness . With Dave’s massive knowledge and long experience in bushcraft and survival skills, he knows what a really good knife should be. “You can end up in an emergency situation where your knife is your only lifeline, and that’s when you want it to be a full tang. You can use it to work safely on larger masses of wood, which can save your life in the long run. The full tang can end up being your only life saver available,” says Dave.

MyShop Solaire is partner of the event since the first edition in 2018.

Since 2014, MyShop-Solaire has been a main stakeholder in the ready to make solar kits sector. After around 25 000 orders handled all over the world, our goals and values haven’t changed : offer qualitative solar kits, with materials from famous brands allowing you to benefit from the best solutions from today.

GP BATTERIES, New PArtners for 2023 Edition !

Energy experts since 1964 GP Batteries is a complete manufacturer of batteries (disposable and rechargeable batteries) and lighting sources (torches, headlamps, outdoor lighting). As a leader in rechargeable solutions, we accept the challenge and responsibility to develop more sustainable products for a greener future. High quality, performance, and durability to make our products your everyday allies in all circumstances.

GSCF is partner of the event since the first edition in 2018.

The President of the GSCF wishes to recall that the GSCF is first and foremost an association specializing in emergency relief before being a humanitarian association. Our actions are based on relief and / or development; the objective of development being to give means to countries to face situations ...

Terräng is partner of the event since the first edition in 2018.

Terräng means "field" in Swedish and since 2007, our team of men and women is made up of former soldiers, adventure sports enthusiasts and outdoor activities.
Terrang is also:

  • A quality of advice that favors listening to your needs
  • An ecommerce sales site that is only intended for individuals and individual professionals
  • 3 physical shops to touch and test equipment adapted to your needs with the help of our technical advisers that you can meet at headquarters in Toulouse or Paris Fast processing of your requests and orders with extremely short shipping times. A storage structure of +1000 m2 with a real-time management of a stock of more than 3500 items selected for their qualities and which are regularly submitted to the approval of our users testers

Solognac is partner of the event since the second edition in 2019.

Solognac is the hunting brand of Decathlon group. We co-design with our users exclusive and relevant products for wild immersion experiences. The search for powerful, resistant and accessible equipment for each of our users is the obsession of our design teams. We offer complete equipment for the practice of hunting clothes to shoes through equipment such as knives, luggage, bivouac or binoculars.

YShoot is partner of the event since the first edition in 2018.

Yshoot is a French designer and manufacturer of sports equipment and survival become leader in the sale of slingshot. The brand brings its convictions, its know-how and its innovation in various fields that fascinate it, with the ethics of Made in France.

ORIUM is a new partner sibce 2022 

ORIUM® offers innovative power supply and recharging solutions with its IZYWATT® portable energy stations. As the use of rechargeable electrical devices continues to grow, ORIUM® provides an answer to professionals and individuals for all their uses. Thanks to a perfect knowledge of the needs and products, supported by an integrated development office, ORIUM® is today one of the forerunners in the market with ecological and economical alternative solutions. IZYWATT by Orium®, is a wide range of powerful and compact autonomous batteries from 150Wh to 2570Wh, solar panels and adapted accessories.


MIRA SAFETY is partner of the expo for next editon in 2022

MIRA Safety LLC is a manufacturer of respirators, safety equipment, and tactical gear for law enforcement, military, industry, and civil defense. Top selling products include gas mask masks, CBRN filters, hazmat suits, body armor, and tactical soft goods. Based in Austin, TX, and pride ourselves on creating quality life-saving products for professionals and civilians alike (including children)."