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Tactical & defense


In France, there are few events dedicated to law enforcement. At Survival Expo, we do our best to bring you a maximum of tactical and military brands for your personal and professional purchases.

Tactical Knifes

The military knife is an essential weapon for close combat and is designed for multiple uses within the army. It is a regulatory equipment that enters the TIOR program or Close Operational Intervention Technique and the TAD. Find a wide range of knives on the show.


During field missions, intervention forces or any security work must use military communication and detection equipment to coordinate their actions. Thanks to the brands present on the show, you can find the latest technologies.


Military equipment starts with good vision, optical vision that does not lead to error. Some exhibitors coming from all over Europe and especially from France will be present to present an infinite choice of binoculars, sights, monoculars, infrared equipment, and thermal vision.

Military Equipement

Sell mainly used military equipment without distinction for the nationality of the material, as well as small equipment (rangers, clothing, accessories) as military vehicles or even demilitarized artillery. Come to find more surplus store on the show.

Every Day Carry

The EDC is set up to have everything you may need at your disposal, but is limited to a light and unobtrusive load. Each EDC is unique to each individual, depending on their needs, priorities and environment.