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Solar energy

Solar energy is clean, does not emit greenhouse gases and its raw material, the sun, is more than 150 million kilometers from us, but it is free, inexhaustible and available worldwide.


Thermal engineering is the science that deals with the production of energy, the use of energy to produce heat or cold, and the transfer of heat through various physical phenomena, especially conduction, convection and radiation.

Wind power

Small wind farms are a distinct means of generating electricity, especially if they are far from the national grid. Small wind turbines can be used in remote or rural areas, for example for pumping. The most common wind turbines do not work well in busy urban areas.


Hydrogen is a real breakthrough in energy conversion because it enables the development of distributed renewable energies and the explosion of green mobility solutions.

Autonomous houses & storage system

An autonomous house is therefore a house that produces its own energy, linked to the electrical grid or with a storage solution.


By investing in the latest equipment, you can significantly reduce your energy consumption. Laundry, refrigerators, dishwashers, radiators, light bulbs... Manufacturers are vying with each other to offer more economical appliances than ever