Vivre Autonome, le salon de l’éco-citoyen se déroulera du 20 au 22 Mai 2022 au Paris Event Center à la Porte de la Villette. Sa tenue conjointe avec le Salon Survival Expo en fait un événement de choix. Vous pourrez découvrir tout l’équipement nécessaire pour gagner en autonomie au quotidien. Vivre autonome sera aussi l’occasion pour vous de découvrir des conférences et formations passionnantes qui vous apporteront un savoir essentiel pour commencer ou poursuivre votre démarche d’autosuffisance.


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5.11 Tactical offers superior tactical apparel and gear for law enforcement, first responders, tactical operators and recreational enthusiasts.

Acier & Cuir Alain Conesa

I am specialized in the manufacture of forged knives "hunting and outdoor" and the realization of cases and other leather accessories. My creations are entirely made by hand. They can also be made to order, customized and customized to add a personal dimension to their uniqueness.


Des formations par immersion sur le terrain !
Training center specializing in renewable energies since 2010, we offer individuals and professionals training in energy autonomy in the building. Energy autonomy: with the production of heat and electricity, and the control of the design of 100% autonomous systems. Auto-construction: with our solar panels manufacturing workshops, and boiling pans. Field Training: Our school sites are dedicated to the installation of energy efficient systems and are open to professionals in conversion as to individuals wishing to self-install their system at home.


AISDS is a multidisciplinary self-defense center, operational, meeting the demand of the current street, focused exclusively on the adaptation of these disciplines. It is a center that offers theoretical training: situations, pre- and post-traumatic aspects, the ego, the legal approach and the legal framework, self-defense, the conduct to be held before and after the aggression.


We are Akammak, your companion to serenely face the sometimes extreme cold and heat conditions outside. Akammak means "companion" in the Inuit language, because we want to be your daily companion in adventure.

Alexandre Musso

Corsican knifemaker


Amazonas is a story of more than 20 years. Thirst for adventure and escape ?? Our hammocks and accessories are the solution !! Amazonas was one of the first manufacturers to offer hiking hammocks. In recent years, we have perfected our hammocks for your comfort. Our hammocks are not only very comfortable but also very light. It's up to you to try them and prove the opposite.


Company specialized in the treatment and purification of water. It markets the products of the brands Doulton, Cintropur, Sprite Showers and Hydron-Cyklon. The company stands out because it is approved dealer for Doulton products, including gravity filters for more than 20 years in France. Aqua-techniques is also the exclusive French reseller of the Swiss brand Hydron-Cyklon.

Aquaponie France

Aquaponie France is one of France's pioneers and promoters of aquaponics. Since 2014, the company offers various services around aquaponics and permaculture: design office, aquaponic kits, hardware shop, market gardening help, advice & coaching, etc. Pierre Harlaut, its founder, is also experimenting and popularizing aquaponics through its association, the French Federation of Aquaponics, which trains hundreds of participants every year in a small rural farm, as well as thousands of Internet users via Youtube. and via the websites www.aquaponie.biz and www.aquaponiefrance.com This year at Survival Expo, Aquaponie France will present its latest range of indoor aquaponics kits, the Permacube 300L and Permacube 125L.


Whether it’s for your home, in town, in the countryside, or on a field trip,Our ranges are always at the cutting edge of technology and respond precisely to your needs, because we are constantly striving to offer you the fruit of our most accomplished work!


Armes Bastille are a store specialized in weapon selling. The core of our activity is knives retail, with outstanding references, A large range of products and accurate advises in accordance with our customers’needs: collectors, armed forces, law enforcement, hunters, sporting shooters, outdoor enthusiasts and anyone looking for advices and gears in our range of activities. Specialized in international cultelry, renowned importer and retailer, we propose exclusive products from knifemakers as well as industrial products from all over the world, we represent notorious brands like Microtech, Spyderco, Bastinelli, Benchmade, Rockstead, Gränsfors Bruk, Leatherman, Sabre Red, Glock, 5.11, Helikon Tex, FX Airguns, etc… Our passion also led us to create our own brand AKERON. Based on our experience and collaborative designs, we create knives and accessories, we want « sharp » in terms of technicality, ergonomics and aesthetics. We also have a complete catalog of firearms, throwing blades, defense, leisure, and outdoor accessories.

Armytek (Cedric Margantin)

ASAP Equipments

ASAP France is a key player in technology watch and sales of operational equipment, supports its customers from operational intervention units, safety organizations and maritime protection companies from their first technical and operational considerations their deployment on the ground.


André Cégretin, with his experience as a gamekeeper, followed by a long career in law enforcement as a Police Major, is now dedicated to the manufacture of LED lamp equipment and accessories. to rigorous specifications. Field man passionate about hunting and nature he knows perfectly the needs of his customers.


Au Vieux Cameur is a French chain of sports and leisure stores based in Paris, founded by Roger de Rorthays in 1941. It is one of the pioneers in this activity in France. Au Vieux Camper offers facilities for the practice of outdoor activities: hiking, camping, walking, diving ...


His cutler's story began at the age of seven. He began his professional training with a great traditional Corsican cutler Mr. Christian Moretti, then he learned modern cutlery from François Bignon. His custom knives are born in his mind and then are thrown on paper before coming to life in his studio. It is important for Bastien to make all the parts of his custom knives in order to master all the important steps. Today he has the chance to live and work every day of his passion thanks to all the people who share this same passion with him.


Berkey® is a gravity water purifier. It allows you to become totally autonomous for the production of drinking water, by treating both mains water and untreated raw water whether it is rain-fed or coming from lakes, streams or rivers. It gives back to water its purity and its original taste. Can be assembled in minutes, do not need electricity or connection. It is of durable design because of stainless steel. The Black Berkey purification element removes pathogenic bacteria, viruses, cysts, heavy metals, reduces chemicals, herbicides, pesticides, hormones, nitrites and nuclear contaminants.


Matériels pour tous vos combats.... BLAKLIST propose une sélection de matériels de haute qualité pour vous entraîner dans des domaines où la préparation aux combats et à l'action sont primordiaux.
Sélection effectuée par des combattants, pour des combattants.
Arts de combats exigeants, AMHE (arts martiaux historiques européens), combats au couteau, self-défense engagée, sécurité, tactique et outdoor.
Equipements pour le combat bâton, couteau, boxe, casques, plastrons, couteaux et bâtons d'entraînements, gants de combats, lampes tactiques, bagagerie, lunettes, masques et protections tactiques...


Represented by the automotive preparer Jean Lain Camper Equipment, the Brandrup brand offers you solutions to enhance your comfort and your bed!

British Berkefeld

The British Berkefeld® is an autonomous gravity water purifier, treating both mains water and water from an uncontrolled spring ponds, lakes, streams, rivers. Nomad without priming, does not require electricity or connection. It is of durable design because of stainless steel. The British Berkefeld removes pathogenic bacteria, heavy metals, reduces chemicals, herbicides, pesticides, hormones. British Berkefeld natural filtration, manufactured by Doulton, the only NSF international certified, used by many NGOs around the world.

Bruckers Craft

It is a small family business located in Romania and France, animated by a brother and sister passionate about nature outings, outdoor adventures and bushcraft. Ben Brucker: "Leather is a new form of artistic expression that has appeared in my life". Brucker Crafts products are hand-crafted natural leather with wood, stones, bone / horn and other natural techniques; the leather is treated house, with wax, oils, natural resins. All products come from our outdoor experiences and are all tested in the design phase. the products serve three purposes: 1. satisfy in a personalized way the need for exploration and adventure equipment in kind; 2. show our admiration for the history of the exploration of the Earth and the continuity of the most beautiful of human adventures; 3. contribute to the protection of the environment: our products do not involve electricity at all !!


Buddhasian is a French-Vietnamese company specializing in dehydrated fruits, which puts its know-how at the service of the customer, each product is selected to offer the consumer the best fruit.


In a world that has become fragile and uncertain, where never before have so many risks been accumulated (climatic, social, industrial, economic...), Bünkl responds to the legitimate concerns of the population. Born from the meeting of two entities specialized in civil engineering and industrial sheet metal work, Bünkl transposes to individuals and companies its know-how in securing military and industrial sites at risk through a complete offer, tailor-made and made in France! 



The CEPS (Center for the Study and Practice of Survival) is a non-profit association governed by the French law of 1901. Created in 1979, its objective is to do research on all situations of survival and survival. disseminate the results through internships, publications and conferences.

Climbing Technology

Climbing Technology as a brand holds and celebrates 30 years of passion and experience in the design and manufacturing of personal protective equipment. An accomplice has definitely been the territory, at the foot of the mountains between Bergamo and Lecco, where the mountaineering tradition is very strong, we settled here and set about developing our skills in metalwork and mechanics. In these 30 years we have breathed and developed an extensive know how and combined with the latest generation of manufacturing technology it has enabled us to design and produce devices in order to excel in the vertical disciplines: in the mountains (mountaineering and sport climbing), in a professional environment (working at height, working on a rope, rescue) and in a recreational environment (via ferrata and adventure parks).

Couteaux BK

For more than 30 years, Couteaux BK is a cutlery company specialized in the straight knife. The workshop is located in Fléville-Devant-Nancy. The craftsman attaches great importance to the choice of steels as well as their heat treatments, they are manufactured directly on the spot.

Coutelier à la Forge

Aniballe Sébastien, cutler at the forge. I bivouac for over 15 years, I am passionate about forests and autonomy. My first knife was given to me by my grandpa for my 5 years and since then I donut in it. So I decided to make it my job. Last year I graduated from the color forge school and I opened L'atelier le fil à la patte, located in Collobrieres in the Var, a workshop open to the public, where I shape my forged pieces. and work on leather.


Specialist of the handmade forged knife. DepDep also presents in France the range of Russian knives KIZLYAR SUPREME: survival knives and tools


Our job is to meet your essential needs on the journey. Like cooking, keeping food fresh, taking care of personal hygiene and maintaining a pleasant temperature. That way, you can explore more, see more and enjoy being away longer. We call it mobile living made easy.


Water filtration Doulton is almost 2 centuries of experience, a brand that has proven itself and in which many customers trust. Doulton water filtration is certified, NSF ANSI 42 & 53 (CSTB equivalence), WRAS, WQA ... quality products made in England. Doulton filtration comes in several ranges of water filters: food water filtration in the kitchen on sink or under sink, water filtration by gravity, for isolated places, professional filtration for water needs filtered at high flow rates.


Decathlon and other local and online retailers sell the group's brands, such as Tribord, Quechua, Domyos, B'Twin and Kalenji. They will be present with their hunting and fishing brand, SOLOGNAC!


E.M.D. - Equipements des Métiers de la Défense

Listening, consulting and reactivity are the key words of E.M.D. We are specialized in the trading and consulting of defense and security materials. Our main references in the First Aid range - Medical supports: Sof® Tactical EMD tourniquet adult & child, first aid kit, QuikClot® hemostatic dressing, Foxtrot ™ litter, TOMmanikin manikin.


Distributor of the ÖKO and OSMODYN brands in Europe, we are passionate about healthy water. Because network water, lakes and rivers are polluted and can be even more polluted (attacks, bacteria, viruses, accidental pollution etc etc). We have the nomadic and fixed solutions we need to be able to drink purified water that is safe for our bodies.

Eco-Village de l'étang

Become the owner of an autonomous cottage in an Eco-Village !

Located 1 hour from Paris, the Eco-village of the pond is the first autonomous village in France. In the heart of Seine-et-Marne, we offer you the opportunity to become the owner of a 200 to 400m2 plot equipped with an autonomous mobile home in a park offering innovative services: communal vegetable garden, solar production, abundant water, fishing rights, orchard, wastewater treatment, a janitor in charge of communal resources, and many others that we will let you discover. The proposed plots of land are all planted with trees, serviced, have electricity, water supply and drainage.



Ecodomeo toilets save 15,000 liters of water per person per year by eliminating flushing and significantly reducing household wastewater pollution. The valuation of waste from toilets compost is equivalent to 15 liters of compost per person per year and is immediately usable and of very good quality.


ENERGY-ONLINE.FR specialist of autonomous energy for isolated sites, network connected sites with power cuts, vehicles and boats. We offer our customers solutions for electricity in any circumstance thanks to solar installations and Solar hybrids. We are the # 1 distributor of the VICTRON brand in France for 20 years. VICTRON installations that we can complete with with diesel generators, gasoline or gas.


Since 1992 company Euro Security Products (ESP) has produced a wide range of professional security products. Nowadays, Euro Security Products is one of the world’s most important producers of self-defense and law enforcement equipment. All ESP products are remarkable for their sophisticated design, state-of-the-art development process and high reliability. The numerous patents granted to the company confirm the uniqueness of its products. The ESP company is also a proud holder of the ISO 9001 quality certificate. Over 90% of the company’s production is exported into more than 60 countries worldwide. ESP products are used daily by a wide range of armed forces as well as the general public.


Exel is a Finnish company specializing in carbon sticks and more specifically the Nordic walking poles of which she designed the first models. Latest innovation, Curve technology is a revolution in Nordic walking, the curvature of the stick improves posture, the abdominals, the muscles in the chest and back work more, the exercise is even more effective and the movement improved.

Farol Couteaux et Montres

Since 1996 FAROL has developed a range of marine knives that you can see all around the seas of the planet. Our knives travel in many expeditions to the poles as to the equator. FAROL knives and watches are beautiful and functional objects made of traditional manufacturing, ergonomic forms, the best steels and beautiful wood species Farol is a Living Heritage Company.


The 1st Cidrery committed 100% organic, made in France. Based on 3 centuries of family traditions, Théo and Valentin craft less sweet and more subtle ciders. Twice times elected vice-best cider of the world 2017-2018

Forézienne MFLS



First site of France in the field of ballistic protection and one of the great leaders at European level, we offer to our customers whether they are individuals, companies, administrations or institutions, reliable and high quality protections which integrate the latest ballistic fiber technologies such as Kevlar and Dyneema, as well as new ballistic materials such as very high density polyethylene and nano-carbon.

Fred Perrin Creation

Passionate about knives since my childhood, I have been a blacksmith cutler for 30 years. I make utility knives in the fields of the outdoors and defense. I have two ranges in my production: craft knives and industrial production. My research and to propose simple and practical tool.


Since 1963, this french company named Freetime is specialized in the production of outdoor backpacks, tents and sleeping bags. Always looking for high-quality products, Freetime provides low price products.


It all starts from an old dream of bringing water to the most breathtaking places in the world without digging the ground and by preserving the original picture. A daily 10 min shower equals 100L water loss... How to minimize the massive water waste allowed by big water pipeline construction and go off the grid without compromising the sensation of water raining down our skin generously? We break new ground with the first Off Grid Endless Shower...


Gerber is an American company located in Oregon, whose production is focused on cutlery, defense equipment and outdoor equipment. The company was founded in 1939 by Pete Gerber. In 2003, the company ranked second in the US in multi-function tool sales volume. It has 300 employees with a turnover of 100 million US dollars. Recently, the company launched a range of survivalist products called Bear Grylls.


The President of the GSCF wishes to recall that the GSCF is first and foremost an association specializing in emergency relief before being a humanitarian association. Our actions are based on relief and / or development; the objective of development being to give means to countries to face situations ...

Haix Group

High-tech shoes for heroes in action: HEROES WEAR HAIX
As an innovative high-tech manufacturer, HAIX meets the highest standards of functionality, quality and design worldwide. Firefighters, policemen and special forces, paramedics, craftsmen, soldiers, forest workers, hunters and outdoor enthusiasts have always placed their trust in HAIX shoes. More than 1,300 highly motivated employees give their best every day. The shoes are produced in state-of-the-art workstations in production plants in Germany and Croatia. "Made in Europe" at HAIX means: manufactured exclusively in Europe.

"For us, Made in Europe is not just lip service, but daily practice". Ewald Haimerl, CEO of HAIX

Harold Jenkins

Hunter for 30 years, a member of an archery club in the 90s, I discovered nature shooting and .... Hunting Arc becomes a reality! But with which arc? The compound bow was quickly abandoned, giving way to traditional arches. My cabinetmaking training and my creative spirit made me realize my own bows! After experimenting with different species (If, Pau Amarelo, Osage Orange), I chose to favor Bamboo for its mechanical qualities (great flexibility and shooting comfort) and precious wood veneers selected for their aesthetic qualities.

Hill People Gear

Our products don't happen by accident, and they're not born in a design studio. They're built on years of backcountry, engineering, and quality assurance experience. Inspiration usually comes on the trail and multiple iterations are mentally tested and discarded to the beat of hiking boots before pattern making even starts. Designing things conceptually is par for the course in the software industry where Evan started his career. So is refining a "design pattern" or "design principles" to ensure a consistent and functional product. Here is how we do that at HPG.


In times of flood, we are the experts! We offer light and tailor-made solutions to protect your home against flood problems. Since 2010, we have also engaged in research and innovation of new products. Our goal is to make home protection cheaper, easier to install and just as efficient. This makes us recognized experts everywhere in Belgium and elsewhere in Europe.


A new generation radioactivity sensor accessible to all! The company Icohup aims at the development of instruments of measurement of pollution at the same time very efficient and competitive. The aim is to enable the diffusion of these technologies to the general public and the deployment of pollution measurement networks among professionals. We are mainly working on designing sensors to detect all types of pollution in your environment!


Imminent Threat Solutions provides knowledge that empowers individuals with indispensable skill-sets to explore their world and prevail against all threats. Learning how to recognize and respond decisively to the countless threats that surround us is vital to preserving our inherent liberties. Built on a foundation of relentless questioning, we endeavor to present an unbiased evaluation of informative topics, reviews and resources through relevant channels of communication.


Jimini's is specialized in the development and sale of insect products. We want to integrate insects into our daily diet. For the discovery stage, we decided to make a range of dehydrated and seasoned insects for the aperitif. A fun and fun way to discover them while taking advantage of all the nutritional and environmental benefits that they can have. "

Karesuando Kniven

Karesuando is 250km north of the Arctic Circle, along the same latitude as central Greenland and the northernmost regions of Canada. The village of Karesuando was founded with its first permanent home in 1670. People living near nature know that the knife is the most important tool you wear in the mountains, forests or wilderness. Artisanal manufacturing and respect for drastic production criteria characterize this flagship of Nordic cutlery.


Katadyn, the founding brand, has been designing and manufacturing water purification systems and products for personal use for sea and outdoor activities for more than 80 years. Katadyn is the world leader in this sector. This group is today the number one contact for all questions concerning the autonomous supply of food and drinking water.


A Survival Course in Ardèche? Seminars à la carte putting the mental test to the test? Living decorations of the Far North or Christmas? Interactive Animations mixing Musical Show, Game of tracks and playful tests ...? If you are looking for sensations and emotions, nature, open spaces and adventure, with family, friends or team, KIMIC Events will offer and organize all types of services and satisfy all your needs, even more extraordinary!

La Tranchée Militaire

Vente en ligne de surplus militaire. Vêtements, accessoires et équipements pour particuliers, professionnels et collectionneurs. outdoor, sécurité, chasse, pêche ...


Our goal is to produce and sell LED technology lights especially for hunters and anglers. Since the LED bulbs are energy-saving, has a much longer lifespan compared to the traditional light bulbs, so it is not surprising that LED bulbs has become well known and very popular nowadays.


With BASECAMP, you have a real power tank with you everywhere! You can plug in or recharge all your electrical appliances, in 230 V.AC, in 12/24/48 V.DC, and you will have energy for a long time! BASECAMP is 3.45 kW of power, weighs less than 15 kg and recharges quickly in less than 2 hours (on 230 V.AC). Forget your generator and go with BASECAMP, the clean and silent energy, also rechargeable on solar panels or mini wind turbine. Get set now? Ready to go?


Nature, go discover nature or observe the infinitely small. Binoculars, Observation Binoculars, Monoculars, Spotting Scopes, Photo Adapters, Photo Lenses, Microscopy, Tripods. From binoculars that fit into your pocket to models designed for long-distance viewing, discover the effectiveness of a quality binocular. Take stock of the fauna and flora with a telescope adapted to your needs.


Melt is offering you a food trip to Texas and the deep south of America. Our food is influenced by the greatest Pitmaster and the oldest Texan Traditions. We are looking for the best products to cook the old-school barbecue, with a bit of our French touch and vision into it. The process of barbecue takes a lot of time, wood and the most important love, in order to offer the best taste and texture.


Morakniv, a part of you since 1891
We’ve been part of the Swedish handicraft tradition since 1891. For more than 126 years we’ve manufactured knives for all kinds of people. A Morakniv knife is always made in Mora, and each knife that leaves our factory holds the traditions and knowledge that we’ve gained over the years. Each knife is made to the highest quality so you can rest assured that your Morakniv knife is always there for you. In our booth you can meet Morakniv ambassador Dave Canterbury from the USA. Dave has more than 20 years of experience of bushcraft and survival skills. He’s the founder of the popular Pathfinder School where he holds courses teaching basic skills that are invaluable if you suddenly find yourself alone in nature. His books have been on the New York Times best-seller lists and he’s had his own TV series on the Discovery Channel. There’s no doubt that Dave knows how to survive in the wilderness . With Dave’s massive knowledge and long experience in bushcraft and survival skills, he knows what a really good knife should be. “You can end up in an emergency situation where your knife is your only lifeline, and that’s when you want it to be a full tang. You can use it to work safely on larger masses of wood, which can save your life in the long run. The full tang can end up being your only life saver available,” says Dave.


Reseller of clothing and equipment for the military and law enforcement. Representative of the Terräng brand

My Shop SOlaire

Since 2014, MyShop-Solaire has been a main stakeholder in the ready to make solar kits sector. After around 25 000 orders handled all over the world, our goals and values haven’t changed : offer qualitative solar kits, with materials from famous brands allowing you to benefit from the best solutions from today.


PURIFIED AND HEALTHY WATER AT ANY TIME. The ÖKO bottle uses a state-of-the-art filter to instantly transform a source of water into drinking water without contaminants. You can now drink water from many sources without worrying about getting sick!


Osmodyn (OSMOse-DYNamisation) is a Swiss company, based in Geneva. Reverse osmosis is the only way to remove all contaminants from the water. To be fully healthy, this water is revitalized and restructured thanks to a unique piece in the world: the patented Osmodyn double copper gold and silver vortex. The designer of these essential machines will be on the stand to explain her inventions.


Over 2000 unique, coloured rope products with over 1 million meters directly in stock. Since 2010, Paracord.eu, has grown to Europe's largest and leading seller of original US Made Nylon Paracord and other types of coloured rope for hobby and professional use. We ship packages both inside and outside of Europe daily, from our warehouse in the Netherlands. Paracord.eu offers rope products to business clients and consumers alike. Our standard product line ships directly from our own stock through our webshop. www.paracord.eu

Patrice Perree - Coutelier Forgeron

I propose you to discover handmade knives, made in the workshop of Patrice Perree located in Essonne in the Paris region.
Self-taught for more than 20 years and graduated in cutlery and blacksmithing, this craftsman offers you unique hand-forged pieces using ancestral techniques. 
Patrice Perree specializes in the manufacture of knives with fixed carbon blades, and offers introductory or advanced courses in cutlery. Passion and inspiration are the main values of the craftsman.

Paulo Simoes

Paulo Simoes is a blacksmith cutler living in France (Bretagne) with 28 years of experience, passionate about the knife in all its forms, making and using knives is for him a way of life, his production is varied and thought to serve. Many professionals and enthusiasts have trusted him for a long time. The materials used are always of the highest quality. If you look for a quality knife and that will serve you faithfully for many years, you will surely find your happiness in its production.


The PK Fluvial shop was launched in 2010 as a showcase for PK FLuvial Entreprise since 1997, specializing in energy and comfort on board. There are growing needs from the private market for inverters, battery chargers, and combis, etc., in short, the mobile energy systems related to the purchase of the boat, the motor homes, the increasing complexity of electrical installations spreads the most often the intervention of the reseller who does not have enough experience and the necessary knowledge, the advice given by PK Fluvial is based on sixteen years of experience and a perfect control of the implementation of the equipment.


To recharge all your devices (smartphone, camera, photo, GPS, drone), Powertec has designed folding and mobile solar panels. Our range of solar chargers is recommended for hikers, trail runners, extreme adventurers or for anyone wishing to recharge mobile devices. Go on an adventure (Trek, Trail, hiking, other outdoor activities) with complete energy autonomy. Powertec USB solar panels are unique. Thanks to their advanced design they are robust and guarantee you a perfect use in all conditions (rain, cold, dust, low light). Thanks to Sunpower technology the cells of a Powetec solar charger are unbreakable and flexible. We know that weight and space are very important for any hiker or trail runner, which is why we have minimized the weight and size of our products.


At Powertraveller, we are on a mission to enable our customers to enjoy nature on their own terms with the help of lightweight, portable power sources. Technology helps us get the most out of the time we spend outdoors: It keeps us connected with our loved ones and fellow adventurers, lets us capture unforgettable moments and charges critical devices in the field.


PRAMAC can trace its roots back to 1966, when the Campinoti family started a construction equipment business company focused mainly on the Italian market. From then onwards PRAMAC has been expanding its activity in the energy and material handling sectors, continuously growing globally with a wide and flexible product range to satisfy our customers’ needs around the world. PRAMAC is part of the Generac Group, representing together the 3° biggest generator and lighting tower producer in the world with more than $2 Bn in revenues and 5.000 employees

Refuge dans mon jardin

In the current context (international tensions between the United States and China or Russia, climate disruption, natural disaster, community tension, aging nuclear power plant) more and more people feel threatened in their daily lives. And many would like to feel completely safe at home. In the United States a growing part of the population is turning to survivalism and are taking a new interest in building a personal bunker. This ranges from the small shelter buried in the garden to the luxury fallout shelter for dozens of people. Refuge in my garden is destined to become a structure that will propose the design and construction of atomic shelter for individuals in France.


In order to meet your connection and communication needs during your travels, Satavenue provides you internet and satellite telephony solutions. Whether for shipments at sea or on a land, our wide range of equipment is adapted to your needs, especially in remote areas.


SFPAM offers elementary survival courses for adults (individuals, groups, companies) and for children. SFPAM, it is also a structure engaged in the preparation for the autonomy, the training for local resilience, and the creation of a new future.

Silky Europe

It is 1919. In the heart of the Japanese Ono region the clang of hammering from blacksmith Katsuji Miyawaki echoes on the surrounding mountains. The first Silky saw is born. A hundred years later, the third generation Miyawaki forges saws of unrivalled quality. The hammers have evolved into the most modern, patented techniques – the passion and dedication remains. From arborist high in the tree to gardener in the backyard. From bushcrafter deep into the forest to furniture maker in the workshop. Worldwide, many enthusiasts rely on the pull saws of Silky.

Skol Louarn

After 15 years striding along France England, Ireland and Canada, experimenting the right technics, trekking in full autonomy: Renan creates his School of Life in Nature: The Skol Louarn. Based in Brittany, he trains individuals and companies.


Solar Brother is a French brand that designs ingenious & sustainable solar products. From the young camper to the gourmet, our innovations are for all those who have the taste of the sun! Solar Brother is a French brand that designs ingenious & sustainable solar products. From the young camper to the gourmet, our innovations are for all those who love the sun and want to live and share this unique experience. Join Solar Brothers to discover the power of the sun. Together, let's save the planet!


Solognac is the hunting brand of Decathlon group. We co-design with our users exclusive and relevant products for wild immersion experiences. The search for powerful, resistant and accessible equipment for each of our users is the obsession of our design teams. We offer complete equipment for the practice of hunting clothes to shoes through equipment such as knives, luggage, bivouac or binoculars.


SPECIAL OPTIONS sas designs, manufactures and markets innovative bullet-proof and anti-knife protection solutions for the general public. Our 2 factories as well as our partnerships with DUPONT de NEMOURS, GORETEX and AZKO NOBEL allow us to offer vests, plates and bulletproof systems always more efficient and ergonomic. Concerned about the safety of the "responsible citizen", we always test our products in the real world.


SPOT LLC, a subsidiary of Globalstar, Inc., provides affordable satellite communication and tracking devices for recreational and business use. SPOT messaging devices use both the GPS satellite network and the Globalstar network to transmit and receive text messages and GPS coordinates. Since 2007, SPOT has provided peace of mind by allowing customers to remain in contact with family, friends and co-workers, completely independent of cellular coverage and has helped initiate more than 6,200 rescues worldwide. For more information, visit FindMeSPOT.eu.


Our mission is simple. We want to provide access to Energy Everywhere. Never run out of battery again! Our phone is the tool we use most every day, but it’s useless if it’s dead. Whether you are hiking, at a festival, at work, in your car, walking with your dog or basking in the sun on the beach during your vacation, we assure you that you will always have enough energy to power your daily life. We manufacture our products with the best possible quality, and provide the greatest possible added value for our customers.


Dimitri Elledge will offer trainings on woodworking and more generally on DIY "I am passionate about woodworking (among others) as well as outdoor activities.The first theme concerns on the one hand everything that has a link with woodworking, which includes step by step tutorials (DIY), wood-based tips, and finally tooling tests.On the other hand, you'll find a second section that will discuss life in nature (whether for survival or bushcraft) You will find in this part of many tests (and feedback) of outdoor equipment that will allow you to make the right choices in your acquisitions according to criteria You will also find many tips and tutorials that always have a more or less close link with the survival & the bushcraft.Finally, I will post articles of my outings and expeditions in the nature (bivouacs / big hike in autonomy), and tips to prepare you best for this natural universe that has so much to offer.

Survival Archery

SURVIVAL ARCHERY offers you a bow system, a concept developed by Philippe Baumann for the demanding archer. Xtrem Bow is the result of 25 years of bowsmanship and exclusive collaboration with BosenBows.


DISCOVER THE FIRST FRENCH MAGAZINE DEDICATED TO THE SURVIVALISTS, THE "PREPPERS" AND TO ALL WHO LOVE THE OUTDOOR We offer articles on topics that interest you: Bushcraft, Equipment, Techniques, Autonomy, Nutrition, interview ... newsstand every two months or directly in your mailbox.


Survival Water allows individuals and institutions to build a strategic reserve of long-lasting drinking water (10 years) in a strong and durable 50cl aluminum can format.


The new SWIZA Swiss army knife, awarded the reddot design award, best of the best 2016, revisits in a contemporary way a cult object of Swiss heritage: the multifunction pocket knife. Its curved shape allows an optimal grip, facilitated by a pleasant texture to the touch, soft, anti-slip and particularly resistant. The cleverly designed design offers direct access to tools, themselves perforated to facilitate their opening. The safety lock system, deactivated with a single press on the SWIZA cross, is ideally integrated into the knife handle.

Tactic Shop

Tactic Shop uses the best gear on the market and its experience on the field to equip its customers, civilians as well as professionnals.

Tactical Food Pack

Tactical Foodpack produces freeze dried Outdoor meals. Easy to prepare, with a home-made taste, 100% natural, unique package and shelf-life of 8 years. Beside the meals we are offering survival food buckets with 21 meals and extras to survive in crisis. With meat and without meat options. TF (tactical foodpack) meals are designed by Special Forces units to survive and enjoy a tasty meal even in the most difficult conditions. We are guided by the SF rule: „Don’t f... with the food!“


Terrain 365™ designs and crafts state-of-the-art edged tools using advanced super-alloys and accessories to enhance your experience in the outdoors. Our tools made with Terravantium™ alloy are designed to perform in all environments, are 100% rust-proof and possess superb edge holding characteristics. From mountain top to sea floor and anything in-between, Terrain 365™ tools will cut longer, require little to no maintenance, except for the occasional edge touch up, and allow the user to focus on the task at hand and the greater task, mission, or adventure that is before you.


Terrang is a team of men and women passionate about adventure sports and outdoor activities entirely at your disposal to help you choose the right equipment for your business and leisure needs. Brands are chosen for their know-how, their innovation and the quality of their products regularly submitted to the approval of users / testers. The Terrang team is listening to your needs to share advice and experiences.


Terräng means "field" in Swedish and since 2007, our team of men and women is made up of former soldiers, adventure sports enthusiasts and outdoor activities. Terrang is also: A quality of advice that favors listening to your needs An e-commerce sales site that is only intended for individuals and individual professionals 3 physical shops to touch and test equipment adapted to your needs with the help of our technical advisers that you can meet at headquarters in Toulouse or Paris Fast processing of your requests and orders with extremely short shipping times A storage structure of +1000 m2 with a real-time management of a stock of more than 3500 items selected for their qualities and which are regularly submitted to the approval of our users testers

Tip Top Europe

TipTop is a concept ! It’s a concept of mini-caravans which allow you to get away anywhere you want just for a week-end or for longer holidays. You can sleep and eat in a cozy and comfortable way! The TipTops are known in the USA with their ancestors, the Teardrops, born in the thirties in North America. These camping trailers are adapted to any type of vehicle. The DNA of this amazing product, beyond its very stylish look and aesthetics, is to be under 2m high, to have a high-quality insulation in order to be protected from various temperatures and from the outside noise. They are actually the most prominent and relevant alternative for the van, since it doesn’t require you to buy a second vehicle. It’s a small and light product: a “tip top” solution to set off for adventure!


Well established in the Swedish tradition of innovation, functionality and quality, Tormek has developed a unique sharpening system for cutting tools. This versatile and efficient system is appreciated by professional craftsmen and do-it-yourselfers around the world. We are specialized in sharpening!

TR Equipement

Since 1997, the aim of TR Equipement has been to bring tactical quality products to army forces, law enforcement forces and administrations.


Tripalium is a network founded in 2007. It regularly organizes training courses in which people can learn how to build a wind turbine by themselves More than 150 Piggott wind turnines have already been produced in France.


VIKTØS is a family run business headquartered in Janesville, Wisconsin. Launched in the fall of 2017 by a combined force of industry and military veterans, it is our mission to produce innovative gear for the tactical user. Our product transcends the typical boundaries of conventional tactical companies and addresses the entire black gun lifestyle; from combat, to training, to R&R. It is a decidedly unique approach from a decidedly unique brand.

Warrior Assault

Warrior Assault Systems is a UK Company with offices, manufacturing and warehousing in England. Warrior was established in 2006 with a specific mission; to design and manufacture high quality tactical nylon products, made from the best quality materials, at prices that the average user could afford. Over the years Warrior has been used in combat by some of the best military units from around the globe. Our products are battle tested by the worlds finest. Warrior Assault Systems is represented in France with PRO-SIC .


Development of photovoltaic solar kit for isolated site and grid reinjection, quality solar panels, easy to install.


Welkit is a French wholesale and retail company based in Montrouge, France. It specializes in the sale of professional equipment for the military, police forces and gendarmerie forces who themselves buy a large part of their equipment


Wildness is an ax throwing center located in Paris and Nancy, a new fashionable sport from North America! Come and try throwing axes, shovels, or even shuriken, to spend a moment with colleagues or friends! All information is available on www.wildness.fr as well as for target booking.


French manufacturer of outdoor and tactical knives, renowned for their innovation and robustness. Created in 2005, Wildsteer has built its reputation on its first eponymous model with a patented arrow extraction system. His reputation quickly surpassed the world of the Archery to extend to the hunters and for more than 8 years to the Special Forces and the Army. All knives are designed and made in France. They are also field-tested in real-life conditions by survival professionals. WIldsteer is a family business where quality and listening are paramount


Yshoot is a French designer and manufacturer of sports equipment and survival become leader in the sale of slingshot. The brand brings its convictions, its know-how and its innovation in various fields that fascinate it, with the ethics of Made in France.