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Buschcraft is the art of living in the woods. It represents a moment of total immersion in the wilderness, learning to provide for yourself in a simple way, with all that Nature can provide: shelter, water, food, warmth. Discover on the show a set of products and tips that will allow you to make your experiences unforgettable!

Learning & training

Tout équipement, aussi précieux soit-il, ne servira à rien si vous n’avez pas les connaissances pour l’utiliser. Venez à la rencontre d’experts proposant des formations aussi passionnantes les unes que les autres. Des gestes de premiers secours, à la reconnaissance des plantes sauvages comestibles, en passant par les différentes façons de purifier son eau, et sans oublier la lecture d’une carte


In the wilderness, your knife will be your best friend. Its field of use is infinite. When it is carefully maintained, a knife can accompany you all your life. But you still need to invest in the right one. Don't panic, we have selected the best knife makers who will be happy to show you their creations.


Specially developed for professionals, this sector will of course be open to individuals. You will find a range of tactical equipment from gloves, shoes, pants and jackets, not to mention eye protection, flashlights, binoculars, and much more!

Communication & geolocation

Whether it is to reassure or reach your loved ones, to alert the emergency services, or to collect information in real time, it is essential to invest in quality equipment that will allow you to communicate. In the same way, being able to orientate yourself is essential. Satellite phones, high performance GPS, walkie-talkies, or radios: our exhibitors will be happy to present you their new products and to advise you according to your needs. 


Numerous animations will be offered free of charge to share with you a know-how so essential for your preparation. Don't miss this opportunity to meet professionals, experts in their fields, who will be present to share their experience. Adults and children are welcome.