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Fuel your Preparation is one of the best choices for people wanting to establish a food reserve in the event of an emergency or disaster. Delicious, varied recipes cooked from fresh and quality products with generous portions for a low weight. All their recipes are available in sachet (shelf life 7 years) and in box (shelf life 25 years) to prepare your food stock in anticipation of emergencies or crisis. Find them on the Lyophilisé & Co stand


Freeze-dried meals, sweet / savory snacks, energy drinks, food supplements are offered to fans of sailing, hiking, trail, trekking, running, mountaineering, travel etc. Freeze-dried food meets the needs of amateur or professional athletes for moderate or intense activity. Professional and particular, find equipment (water filters, stoves), self-heating meals, staple foods (at age 25 for some), military rations, survival kits and many other references in our section Food Autonomy.


MSI Survivor Outdoor Food products are freeze-dried meals. The meals are prepared in double portions are packed in sturdy pouches, easy to open and close. MSI dishes are easy to prepare. Just add hot water, stir and wait 8-10 minutes. Find dishes in all possible forms, main dishes, vegetarian dishes, breakfasts, desserts and staple foods. Find them on the stand Lyophilized & Co.


Real Turmat are freeze-dried meals prepared over the Arctic Circle, in Norway with fresh, quality products ... Norwegian brand established in 1989, located north of the Arctic Circle, supplier of the Norwegian, Swedish, Swiss army . A lifetime of 5 years. Very fast rehydration (in 5 minutes). Authentic tastes. Easy to dose with a line of water level on the bag. Zip closure. Cooked recipes without pork, and a wide selection of lactose and gluten-free dishes A price justified by the authenticity of its food and its large rations. Elected several times in specialized magazines "outdoor" as best freeze-dried products (meat, fish, vegetarian ...). Find them on the stand Lyophilized & Co.


Summit To Eat is a freeze-dried brand made in England. By the way, it's the same factory that made Mountain House before. Meals are qualifying because cooked with ingredients for most natural and freeze-dried. The sachets contain 100% lyophilized and can be kept for 7 years. The main advantage of Summit To Eat recipes is the high energy content per bag: over 600 Kcal for about 120g for main courses. These bags will follow you everywhere in your adventures, whatever your efforts: hiking, running independently, trekking ... Find them on the Stand freeze dried & Co.


European leader in outdoor foods and expeditions, TREK 'n Eat offers a complete range of complete, balanced and energy freeze-dried meals. Traditional dishes (meat-based), vegetarian meals TREK 'n Eat adapt to all tastes and all desires to "recharge the batteries". Elaborated with high quality ingredients and selected for their calorie intake, TREK 'n Eat meals are perfectly suited to the needs of adventurers. Thanks to the freeze-drying technique, vitamins and minerals are fully preserved. Nothing more simple: for each dish, just add hot water, mix and the meal is ready! From breakfast to dinner through snacks, TREK 'n Eat offers a wide choice of dishes for all times of the day.

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